What to Do with All Those Knitted Shawls?

Knitted Shawls are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. They’re fun to knit – projects that are not too small, not too overwhelming, and you don’t have to stitch them together or make fit any particular size. You can knit fairly plain shawls or jazz them up with fancy lacework or colorwork, as you choose.

But after knitting one or two shawls (or two dozen), you begin to wonder, what do I do with all these shawls? You could always wear them, of course. But in warmer times of the year, you don’t exactly need a sprawling piece of wool knitwear draped across your shoulders. It’s already 80 degrees during the days here in Tennessee, so my shawl wearing is confined to early mornings and the odd cool evening. 

After going on a shawl-knitting kick last summer, I couldn’t stand to simply put away all my pretty shawls until January. After displaying a couple of brightly colored shawls across chairs, I decided to leave them there on a more or less permanent basis. Textiles make a home, I decided. It’s the soft textures, bright colors, and our own personal touches that make a home feel comfy, cheerful,  and totally our own. 

So in my home, you’re likely to see shawls adding a pop of color and an inviting place to sit on many of my chairs and sofas. Even the dog gets his own shawl for lounging and keeping an eye out for passing wildlife. Shawls as housewares get more use this way than actually wearing them!

What do you do with your knitted shawls?

Happy Shawl Knitting, Cindy

Cynthia Coe knits as some sort of meditative thing before sitting down to write (or do anything else, for that matter). Check out her Author Page on Amazon to buy one of her novels or spiritual resources. 

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