Holiday Survival Plan: De-stress and Zone Out Through Knitting

Are you stressed? I am. It’s that time of the year!

Yesterday, I found myself so stressed that I was shaking. As I tried to do some tedious graphics work as a volunteer project for my church, a neighbor repeatedly blew up my phone complaining about the non-functioning car in my driveway. (Because, ya know, the sight of a car on jack stands in somebody else’s driveway on the other side of a neighborhood is soooo offensive and definitely a reason to spew out a string of complaints towards the nice, quiet writer who never bothers a soul, right????) Was this person stressed out himself and taking it out on me? Probably. I’d bet many of us are dealing with other people’s stress, along with our own, about right now.

What to do? Take a deep breath…and knit! Friends, we have an important tool in our box of tricks to deal with holiday stress, end-of-year deadlines, preparations to welcome incoming family, our own travel plans, and even unhinged people deflecting their own stress onto us. We have our knitting projects, and in moments, we can pick up those needles and take ourselves away from anything that bothers us.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday. Realizing that my stress level had climbed sky high, I plopped myself down in my favorite knitting chair, picked up a simple sock project, and simply knit a couple of rows. My heart rate immediately dropped. I convinced myself that no, the whole world wasn’t conspiring against me. It would be okay. 

So use those tools in your personal de-stressing kit, my fellow knitters. Sit down, pick up whatever project is on your needles, and knit one row. Maybe knit two rows. Knit for ten minutes, or two hours. Whatever you need.  You’ll feel better, I promise. 

We’ve all heard the reports of how knitting is good for you, how calming knitting can be. For knitters, the solution to dealing with any stressful situation is as close as our knitting baskets.

Prayers for a Peaceful Holiday Season, Cindy

Cynthia Coe is the author of The Prayer Shawl Chronicles, interrelated stories about knitters and those for whom they knit and love. The sequel to this book, The Knitting Guild of All Saints, has been released! Available in paperback and on Kindle, included in Kindle Unlimited. 

3 thoughts on “Holiday Survival Plan: De-stress and Zone Out Through Knitting

  • I’m with you. I get really nervous when we travel by car…….actually the only way we travel. It’s amazing how much knitting can be done in a car to take the edge off. Lucky for me I don’t have motion sickness.🙂

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  • Just an assist… the best method to handle an irate neighbor, or anyone being rude, is to just answer with a smile, “Thank you for that comment. I will take it under consideration.” Simple, but effective – the accuser is shut down, you may leave or put down the phone, and YOU have behaved appropriately. The beauty is that YOU have control over the time to consider the offending comment: and that can be from a few minutes if necessary, or just 0.00000000000000000000000001 nanosecond. Either way, you are done with the situation and may continue your day without any angst… This does work! The required smile may be a bit difficult, but it is needed….. Merry Christmas!

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